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Audio and Electronics

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Audio and Electronics

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Audio Systems Designed for Off-Roading

Not every audio system can stand up to the demands of off-roading, but Polaris GENERAL™ radios, subwoofers and audio systems were designed specifically to be resilient when it comes to the elements. When it rains, there is the Waterproof Bluetooth® Speaker by MB Quart® for Polaris GENERAL™, a small but versatile speaker that packs a punch and keeps you going on long rides.

Control Your Tunes from Afar & Protect Your Device

If you’re controlling your audio system via Bluetooth®, your device can easily be damaged if it’s not secured properly. With the Polaris® Bluetooth Audio Remote, you can control your tunes while your device is kept safely out of harm’s way. Additionally, if it rains, you will be covered as the housing makes this control completely waterproof. Simply sync your Bluetooth®-enabled device and blast the music.

Installation and Care

Installing your Polaris GENERAL™ soundbar, stereo system or radio is easy. For products that require a more complex installation process, there are instructional videos that guide you from start to finish step-by-step. For the rest of your Polaris GENERAL™ needs, visit our Apparel, Accessories and Parts & Service pages for more ways to customize your experience.

Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth Sig, Inc.
MB Quart® is a registered trademark of Maxxsonics USA Inc.