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Access information you need as an owner of a Polaris GENERAL® vehicle including owner's manuals, maintenance tips, and frequently asked questions. 

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How-To Videos

Use the correct techniques when performing maintenance, and installing accessories on your vehicle. Our how-to videos give step-by-step instructions for common service tasks.

Find Model
How do I find the make, model and year of my vehicle?

You can find make, model and year of the vehicle through the VIN search tool. If you don’t know this information, we can help you locate the VIN on your vehicle.

GENERAL Dimensions
How do I find the dimensions and weight of my vehicle?

Specs pages are available for Polaris GENERAL® models back to model year 2016 through the Model Archive.

Helpful Tips

Stay up-to-date on the proper techniques to keep your Polaris GENERAL® running smoothly throughout the year. Find more articles in the Help Center.

Parts for General Windshields

Parts for GENERAL® Windshields

Included here are the parts that make up the windshields for Polaris® GENERAL vehicles. Included are diagrams and the part numbers for spare part kits. Each diagram and parts listing is specific to that particular windshield.

General Headlight Maintenance

GENERAL® Headlight Maintenance

Poor lighting can result in reduced visibility when driving. Headlight and taillight lenses become dirty during normal operation. Clean lights frequently and replace burned out lamps promptly.

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