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R-20-06 GENERAL Bulletin

The following is a copy of the R-20-06 Consumer Letter. Vehicles affected by the bulletin will receive notification by mail to the address the vehicle is registered to. 

Dear Polaris Owner,

First off, thank you for being a Polaris GENERAL rider. You, and all our owners, are the reason we work tirelessly to deliver the best vehicles, drive the industry forward and, ultimately, elevate the off-road lifestyle.

We discovered some 2020 GENERAL XP 1000 and GENERAL XP 4 1000 vehicles could experience belt noise during certain driving conditions while decelerating. This concern can occur at slow speeds – less than 20 mph (32 km/h) when the throttle is released – causing the belt to become loose and rub on the clutch cover. The sound can manifest itself as a clicking or ratcheting noise as the cogs of the belt contact the clutch cover. To address this concern, we have issued a Service Bulletin providing coverage to replace the secondary clutch helix with a new, updated version that more effectively keeps belt tension during deceleration. This Bulletin also provides coverage of a new primary clutch spring and weights to improve the clutching performance. This work will be performed by your dealer at no cost to you.

We also wanted to notify you of a Ride Command update available for your vehicle. The update provides great new features that enhance your user experience including a new audio tune specifically developed for your GENERAL that provides more volume while still retaining great audio quality. To complete your Ride Command update and explore the great new features, visit If you prefer, you may also ask your dealer to perform the Ride Command update while completing your Service Bulletin.

If you need assistance contacting or locating a Polaris Dealer or have questions your Polaris Dealer is not able to address, contact our Polaris Owner Connections Department at 1-800-POLARIS (765-2747), scan the QR code, or visit the Polaris Help Center.

Quality is a top priority, and we don’t take lightly the inconvenience that this Bulletin may cause you. The team here knows and appreciates how much you enjoy getting out to ride, and that’s why we have strived to engineer the best off-road vehicles in the industry. Your ownership and time matter to us, and we have enclosed two exclusive Polaris GENERAL stainless-steel mugs to express our appreciation.

Again, thank you for being a Polaris GENERAL owner and for taking the time to have your vehicle serviced. We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your business and promise you that we will continue our relentless commitment to deliver the industry’s best off-road experience.

Steve Menneto
President – Polaris Off Road

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