Protective Gear

Versatile, Reliable and Comfortable 

Polaris GENERAL™ protective gear is truly one-of-a-kind. Versatile, reliable and comfortable, Polaris GENERAL™ UTV protective gear is of the highest quality possible. From helmets and replacement visors to chin curtains and goggles, Polaris® carries a wide range of UTV protective gear to choose from. 

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509® For Polaris® Altitude Helmet - Lime
Force Helmet - Black Matte
Force Helmet - Blue
Force Helmet - Red
Trail - Black
Youth Trail - Black
Kingpin Dirt 509® - Blue
Kingpin Dirt 509® - Orange
Kingpin Dirt 509® - Black
Kingpin Dirt 509® - Red
Kingpin Dirt 509® - Lime
Kingpin 509® Dirt Replacement Lens - Clear
Kingpin 509® Dirt Replacement Lens - Smoke
Kingpin 509® Dirt Replacement Lens - Blue
Kingpin 509® Dirt Replacement Lens - Yellow
Kingpin 509® Dirt Replacement Lens - Fire
Kingpin Tear Offs - 6pk
Dirt 509® Replacement Lenses - Chrome

Great Fit and Superior Protection
Polaris® UTV protective riding gear delivers a great fit and superior protection when you’re off-road or on the job site. The TEK Vest Freestyle has strong, protective ultra-high molecular weight panels that cover the shoulders, along with front and rear mesh panels to promote a cooling airflow. For added shoulder protection, you can increase coverage by incorporating TEK Vest Shoulder Pads (sold separately).

Improve Your Vision and Line of Site
Seeing clearly is critical to your safety when you ride. The Kingpin Dirt 509® Goggles include multiple lens for any light condition: bright, flat or low light, for maximum visibility and minimum eyestrain. The oversized frame is designed to fit perfectly inside our off-roading helmets. For off-road adventurers, this is one piece of UTV protective gear that is absolutely essential.

Make Safety a Priority
To get the most out of your ride and your UTV, safety should be a top priority. When your body is properly protected, you can drive your Polaris GENERAL™ with more confidence and peace of mind thanks to your UTV protective gear. For the rest of your Polaris GENERAL™ needs, visit our Apparel, Accessories and Parts & Service pages for more ways to customize your experience.