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VIDEO: Model Year 2019 and Newer Ride Command Overview

Model year 2019 and newer Polaris Off-Road Vehicles with Ride Command feature a seven-button display. 

Gauge Screen
To access the Gauge screen, pictured below, click on the Gauge button from the seven-button panel beneath the Ride Command display. From this screen, you can monitor your vehicle's speed, fuel level, battery voltage, engine temperature and drive system.

Gauge button

If your vehicle is equipped with cameras, access the cameras by clicking the Screen Select button at the bottom center of the screen. 

Ride Command Screen Select button

Vehicles equipped with DYNAMIX Active Suspension will be able to access the suspension settings from a control screen in the upper-left corner of the screen when in camera mode. 

Ride Command camera

Map Screen
Press the Navigation button from the seven-button panel underneath the Ride Command display to access the Map screen. From this screen, you can check your current location, set waypoints, record your current ride, view past rides and navigate toward a location.

Ride Command maps screen

Device Manager Screen
Press the Device button from the seven-button panel below the Ride Command display to access the Device Manager screen. From the Device Manager screen you can connect to a smartphone and Bluetooth® headset, place and answer calls and check text messages. For more information on Bluetooth® pairing, read How to Connect 2019 and Newer Ride Command to Your Bluetooth Devices

Device button

Home Screen
Click once on the Power button to access the Home Screen. This screen, as seen below, can be used to minimize distractions during your ride. Click on the Power button a second time to access the previous screen. Hold down on the power button to reset the Ride Command display. 

Home screen and Power button

Audio Control Screen
Press the Audio button to access the Audio Control screen. From this screen you can access AM/FM radio, check the weather or listen to music via USB or Bluetooth® connection.

The two buttons to the right of the Audio Control button adjust volume. Hold down the decrease volume button to mute the system. 

Audio Control button

Display Settings
Click on the Polaris logo to access display controls, notifications settings and the full settings menu. 

Polaris button

Settings Menu
From the Settings Menu, you can access vehicle information plus change general, audio, time and vehicle settings.

To log in, update software and learn more, visit the Ride Command website.
Also watch other Off-Road Vehicle Ride Command tutorials.

Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth Sig, Inc.

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