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How can you unleash the true potential of your Polaris® GENERAL®? By equipping it with the high-performing and long-lasting Pro Armor® tires. Don’t water down your off roading experience with stock, cookie-cutter tires. As an experienced ORV rider, you’ve earned tires that are custom built for your riding style and the terrain you ride in. Select your terrain below to discover the precise Pro Armor® tire you and your Polaris® GENERAL® deserve.



Pro Armor® tires provide Polaris® GENERAL® drivers with unparalleled toughness and protection. Some popular Pro Armor® models for the Polaris® GENERAL® include:

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Pro Armor® Attack

An aggressive “wrap-around” tread design provides traction in any environment. The 8-ply sidewalls helps to prevent punctures and blowouts and a high durometer lug contributes to long tire life.

Pro Armor Harvester®

Designed exclusively for agricultural applications delivering excellent grip, minimal crop impact and long wear life up to 5,000 miles. The rugged 10-ply design will withstand unexpected impacts and rugged terrain.

Pro Armor® Crawler XG

Battle tested and approved by many of today’s best off-road racers and champions. From slow sure-footed rock crawling to high speed desert running, this tire delivers.

By designing their tires to attack terrain-specific difficulties, each Pro Armor® tire is purpose-built to give your Polaris® GENERAL® the performance edge you need to conquer anything in your path. Whether you’re looking to tame the roughest trail, take on the sloppiest mud pit, or carve up the biggest dunes, Pro Armor® has the perfect tires and wheels to fit your needs.
Find the Right Pro Armor® Tire for Your Polaris GENERAL® You drive a GENERAL® because you aren’t afraid of challenges. When you size up a dicey trail you don’t turnaround and take the easy path, you see the opportunity for adventure. With Pro Armor® tires, you and your GENERAL® can go wherever you want, whenever you want. When you’re crushing through a challenging and obstacle-filled trail ride aboard your GENERAL®, you want your vehicle to be outfitted with tires engineered for the precise terrain you’re facing.