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Cold Weather Kit

Numéro d’article 2881433
128,49 $ CAD

Description du produit

Have power when you need it, even during extreme cold temperatures when you install this Cold Weather Kit designed exclusively for Polaris® Power Inverter/Generators. The kit prevents ice blockage and potential long-term failures such as oil leaks in extreme sub-zero temperatures. The kit can also stay installed year round during warm weather operation. The Cold Weather Kit works with both the Polaris® P1000i and P2000i.


If you've run a generator in extreme cold, chances are you've experienced some freeze up no matter the brand. Here's a quick demo of me installing a cold weather kit on my Polaris P2000i. This is cheap insurance, easy to do, and won't affect performance during other seasons.
- Joel Nelson


Facilité d’installation Easy
Ne fonctionne pas avec P3000iE Generator
Garantie 1 Year From Date of Purchase